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International Mezzotint Society

Dear International Mezzotint Society Members,

For the present I shall happily be the editor of I.M.S. although my skills with computer (and even typewriter) are primitive...please do not send me " attachments." Any of us, having this list, can initiate an exchange. I hope we have a lively and helpful association.

P.S. You can put Member of I.M.S. on your resume!

  • If your name is not correctly spelled or if your email address is not correctly listed, please let me know.
  • Invite any mezzotint artist or devotee with email to become a member and give them my email address.
  • Membership is free as long as we can communicate via email.
  • We have a website :
  • We are also on the www site of Printworks :
  • Send me any news or article you wish to put in our email newsletter.
  • At present I cannot handle attachments


Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 20:51:50 PST

Carol Wax informs me she is prepared to do demonstrations lasting two to three hours, and one, two and three day and one week workshops on Mezzotints. These are available for universities, non-profit organizations, etc. For further details contact her at 718-834-1455. Also available is her publication "The Mezzotint:History and Technique" in paper-back edition. These two parts are now available separately. Contact the publisher Harry N. Abrams at 1-800-288-2131.

Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 20:09:04 PST

Michael Dickey has sent the following message which may well be of interest to some of the members-
"I am using the computer to make screened images of my photographic collages using a very neat piece of software (Andromeda #3screens) that is capable of producing 300 line random halftones which can be output to film. Have been working with Keith Howard's image on intaglio method for a few months. Find the possibilities very exciting. I would like to credit Rossilind Harrison for her article "photoshop for photoetch" on the Printworks Magazine home page." For more info contact Michael Dickey, I.M.S. at

June 22, 1997 International Mezzotint Society News #4

Dear I.M.S. Members,
We would like email addresses for the following mezzotinters if they have email:
William Behnken - Bronx, NY
Nancy Grenier - Manhattan Beach, CA
Charles Hardy - Grand Junction, CO
Peter Jogo - Julian, PA
Fred Mershimer - Brooklyn, NY
Merle Perlmutter - New Rochelle, NY
Carol Sanchez - Albuquerque, NM
Scott Westgard - Buffalo Grove, IL
If anyone knows them please put them in touch with me.

Doug DeVinny, Professor and Chair of the Art Department, University of Wisc. - Parkside, may still have a few of the Mezzotint Invitational Exhibition Catalogues. If you would like one please contact him at :

My own special interest continues to be multi-plate color mezzotints - anyone else doing them in addition to Tony Saladino?

Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 19:52:19 - Mailing #5

The T N Lawrence and Son Ltd has a beautiful store located in London specializing in printmaking paraphernalia, etc. plus some interesting books, magazines and papers. Also, they have an exquisite online catalogue. As you can see from his letter below, Martin Lawrence is looking to our I.M.S. members for feedback. I hope some of us can assist him.

T N Lawrence & Son Ltd
117-119 Clerkenwell Road

Copy of letter from Martin Lawrence:

Thanks for all your recent information. I wonder whether any I.M.S. member can help us? We want to buy a mezzotint rocking machine and we are making enquiries about a machine supplied by Sakura of Japan. Has anyone used this particular machine and if so, what do they think of it? Are there any alternative machines around?

Best wishes

Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 14:12:41

Dear I.M.S. Members -
A recent message from member Doug DeVinny....
"I am in the process of readying the prospectus for the 11th Parkside National Small Print Exhibition; if you know of any who want pros, I need their snail mail addresses" Doug DeVinny Please contact him at :

Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 21:09:36

Thanks to member Joe Glover who has brought a very interesting internet web-site to us:

David Crown,
email reply to:

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