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Kunst Aktuell" 6th International Open Art Contest

The Research Institute of Visual Art (FBK) in Nürnberg, and the art magazine "Kunst Aktuell" have organised the 6th International Open Art Contest (OKP-Offenener Kunst Preis ) with the support of the EuroARTchannel,. a pan-European art resource site in the Internet maintained by Online Microsystems GmbH

In the past this competition has attracted world-wide attention and won much public recognition. This time we are making use of Web technologies and show will takes place in the Internet.

Over 1000 artworks have already been submitted and will be exhibited from 1st January 1998 till 15th April 1998.

There are five different categories; sculptures, paintings, photography, graphics and others.

One of the most remarkable features of this competition is that there are two different awards to be decided.

The professional Jury named by the FBK will choose the winner of the "PHONIX" prize.

For the first time the Internet public will be able to vote online. The Web Jury" from the WWW visitors will vote for the winner of "THE GOLDEN PALETT".

We believe that political and economical achievements alone are not able to guarantee a peaceful growth of the European community as a whole and give it a promissory future without discovering and developing common cultural values. Jean Monnet, one of the founders of the European Union said once that if he would have to start again building up this union he would have started with the culture.

Following these ideals, this project is not primarily and exclusively dedicated to the widespread of European visual art but much more to render a modest contribution in finding a common cultural identity.

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