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TALLERGALERIA FORT was founded in 1960 with the aim of contributing to the advancement of the Graphic Arts. Since 1981 it has organised the annual MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL, CADAQUES in which 10.506 artists have participated, representing 58 countries

ADOGI (Asociacion Difusora Obra Grafica Intenacional) has been created for the purpose of collaborating with Taller Galeria Fort.

TALLER GALERIA FORT and ADOGI invite you to become part of this non-profit association so that with your co-operation as a member the MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL, CADAQUES can maintain its existence, and the present projects such as the creation of the Mini Print Museum.


ENTRY FORMS can be obtained from:

Mercedes Barbera
President ADOGI
Apartado de Correos 9319
08080 Barcelona

19th MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL, CADAQUES 1999 is open to all artists, in all printing techniques and tendencies.

1. Each artist should submit four prints in order to be included in the travelling shows. It is preferable though not necessary that the works would be of different images.

2.The image on the plate, stone or screen must not be bigger than 10 x 10 cm. the paper or support must not be bigger than 18 x 18 cm.

3. The signed works should be sent by registered air-mail as PRINTED MATTER in a simple packet, without glass, frame or paspartout, declaring "NO COMERCIAL VALUE", to: ADOGI, Apartado de Correos 9319, Barcelona 08080, Spain, before March 15, 1999.

4. A "Curriculum Vitae" should accompany the works, including name and nationality of the artist as well as the title, technique, price in ptas. or U.S. $ of works and the membership form properly filled out. Please make payment by Cashiers Check payable on U.S.A. Bank to the order of Mercedes Barbera', Traveller’s Check or Cash only, not Eurocheque (See Membership form).

5. There will be a named Jury to select the works to be accepted (receipt of the same will be acknowledged).

6. The exhibition period of the 19th MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL, CADAQUES, will be increased to 73 days, from July 1 to September 15.

7. Accepted works will be exhibited in Wingfield Arts & Music Festival, England, Canet de Mar (Barcelona), Galerie L'Etang d'Art, Bages, France and in other places still undetermined.

8. A Jury of professionals in the field of Art will select 6 winning prints, all of the same category, which will be reproduced in full colour in the catalogue. Six copies of each awarded works will remain as property of TALLER GALERIA FORT for cultural purposes.

9. Each selected artist will be invited to have a one-person show of his small format prints within the 19th Mini Print International in our Gallery in Cadaque's, during the 2000 summer season.

10. Once the itinerant exhibitions are over, which takes about one year or so, a catalogue of the exhibition and full information will be sent to each participating artist, together with the unsold works or a check for any work sold.

11. There will be a 33% commission for the Gallery on the sale of all work. 50 or more miniprints will also be selected to be purchased by ADOGI. If artists are interested in selling please set reasonable prices.

12. ADOGI reserves the right to reproduce and exhibit any work accepted for dispersion or cultural purpose.

13. Although all work will be handled with maximum care, ADOGI will assume no responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur. The works that do not adhere exactly to this entry forms will not be sent back.

14. Participation in the exhibition implies the acceptance of the above conditions.


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